Parental stress level during the pandemic

March 30, 2022

The American Psychological Association’s 2021 survey on stress in America reported almost one-third (32%) of adults being stressed due to the pandemic, particularly in parents with children under 18 years old. More than half of parents (54%) with young children below 4 years old reported increased stress for daily decisions. Effects of stress can span across multiple generations, transmitted through genetics, parenting style, social learning, and the environment. Chronic stress experienced by parents not only affects their physical and psychological health, but also has long-term effects on their children. While it is important to support children in the face of this pandemic, parents should also be remembered and supported for their main caregiver roles. While there are evidence-based tips online on how to handle stress, oftentimes contemplating change can be daunting for many people, especially parents who are already cognitively and emotionally stretched. The poster below provides an easy guide on building self-awareness, with the purpose of strengthening one’s readiness towards adopting stress-coping strategies.


Janell Kwok, University of Edinburgh, School of Philosophy, Psychology and Languages Science, UK

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