Scientific Publications

Longitudinal Effects of the Home Learning Environment and Parental Difficulties on Reading and Math Development Across Grades 1–9

Daria Khanolainen, Maria Psyridou, Gintautas Silinskas, Marja-Kristiina Lerkkanen, Pekka Niemi, Anna-Maija Poikkeus, and Minna Torppa

Methodological Issues in Literacy Research Across Languages: Evidence From Alphabetic Orthographies

Timothy C. Papadopoulos, Valéria Csépe, Mikko Aro, Marketa Caravolas, Irene-Anna Diakidoy, and Thierry Olive

Levels of visual clutter differentially impact search-based learning in naturalistic scenes

Gkoumas, C., & Shimi, A.

The influence of clutter on search-based learning, long-term memory, and memory-guided attention in real-world scenes: an eye-movement research protocol.

Gkoumas, C., & Shimi, A.

The association between analgesic drug use in pregnancy and neurodevelopmental disorders: protocol for an umbrella review.

Kwok, J., Hall, H.A., Murray, A.L., Auyeung, B.

Predicting Reading Speed from Eye-Movement Measures.

Nárai, Á., Amora, K. K., Vidnyánszky, Z., & Weiss, B.

Investigating the Effect of Inter-letter Spacing Modulation on Data-Driven Detection of Developmental Dyslexia Based on Eye-Movement Correlates of Reading: A Machine Learning Approach.

Szalma, J., Amora, K. K., Vidnyánszky, Z., & Weiss, B.

ERP Correlates of Altered Orthographic-Phonological Processing in Dyslexia.

Varga, V., Tóth, D., Amora, K. K., Czikora, D., & Csépe, V.

A network approach to dyslexia: Mapping the reading network.

Verwimp, C., Tijms, J., Snellings, P., Haslbeck, J., & Wiers, R.

Profiling the central auditory processing of speech sounds: a MMN multifeature study.

Zavogianni, M.I., & Honbolygó, F.

Is Virtual Reality accepted as part of interventions for children with attention deficits? Results from a feasibility and acceptability study

Iouliani Pachiti & Panagiota Dimitropoulou

Physiological reactivity to fear moderates the relation between parenting distress with conduct and prosocial behaviors

Fanti, K. A., Konikkou, K., Georgiou, G., Petridou, M., Demetriou, C., Soursou, G., & Kyranides, M. N. (2022)

Child Development, 00, 1– 17.

Intergenerational transmission of dyslexia: How do different identification methods of parental difficulties influence the conclusions regarding children’s risk for dyslexia?

Khanolainen, D., Salminen, J., Eklund, K., Lerkkanen, M-K. & Torppa, M. (2022)

Reading Research Quarterly.

Maternal infections during pregnancy and child cognitive outcomes. 

Kwok, J., Hall, H.A., Murray, A.L. et al (2022)

BMC Pregnancy Childbirth 22, 848

New Directions in the Study of Neurodevelopmental Disorders

Timothy C. Papadopoulos (2023)

William M. Cruickshank Memorial Lecture Delivered at the 2022 Conference of the International Academy for Research in Learning Disabilities

Maternal metabolic syndrome in pregnancy and child development at age 5: exploring mediating mechanisms using cord blood markers

Janell Kwok, Lydia Gabriela Speyer, Georgia Soursou, Aja Louise Murray , Kostas A. Fanti and      Bonnie Auyeung

Rapid Coding of Syllable Structure by Dysfluent Developing Readers

Lisa Hintermeier, Jarkko Hautala, and Mikko Aro

Child ViReal Support Program: A Randomized Controlled Trial Study for effective support of parents raising children with attention deficits.

Pachiti, I., Milienos, F. S., & Dimitropoulou, P. (2023)

Behavioral Sciences, 13(8), 691.